Hidalgo Medical Services (HMS)

Dr. Teresa Arizaga is a psychiatrist and the Chief Mental Health Officer at Hidalgo Medical Services and NM-PIC advisor and adjunct supervisor.  A native New Mexican, Dr. Teresa Arizaga learned the importance of serving her community and medical profession at a young age.  As practitioners in the medical field, her parents were instrumental in instilling a good work ethic, compassionate care and a people centered approach in her practice.   Dr. Arizaga is a product of the Silver Schools (Class of 1991) and obtained her B.A. in Psychology and Chemistry from New Mexico State University. Choosing to remain in New Mexico to be near her family, she earned her M.D. in 2000, completing her residency in psychiatry in 2004 from the University of New Mexico School of Medicine. She practiced at Gila Regional Medical Center beginning in 2005 and remained there for 15 years. She also ran a part time private practice for several years in Silver City, NM.

Entering a new era of practice, Teresa is excited to continue serving her community as the CMHO at Hidalgo Medical Services. It is her hope to continue developing best practices with existing programs and to collaborate with GRMC, county detention centers, local providers, and with others. It is her vision to enhance behavioral health systems for children as well as proactive measures that can come with outpatient support, including drug and alcohol treatment. She believes that together, the potential for continued high quality behavioral health systems can be attained.

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