Application Process and Selection Criteria

The New Mexico Psychology Internship Consortium has three full-time positions. Because NM-PIC is not a member of the Association of Postdoctoral and Psychology Internship Centers (APPIC). NM-PIC will not be participating in the National Matching Service Match for the 2020-2021 internship year.

Selection Criteria


All applicants must be a current doctoral-level student in an APA-accredited counseling or clinical psychology program. Must be certified by the academic program as being ready for an internship.

Background Check and Medical Clearance

Candidates selected by NM-PIC must successfully complete a background check and medical clearance prior to commencing the internship. Final hiring for the internship is contingent upon clearing the general background check as well as medical reviews at each site. For individual sites this process includes:

NMBHI – CYFD vetting/background check, fingerprinting, Tuberculosis test, drug screen

ICS- background check, fingerprinting, Tuberculosis test

HMS-  background check, Tuberculosis test, drug screen

Additional Criteria

NM-PIC will base its selection process on the entire application package noted above; however, applicants who have met the following qualifications prior to beginning internship will be considered preferred:

  1. A minimum of 400 intervention hours
  2. A minimum of 50 assessment hours
  3. Dissertation proposal defended
  4. Experience or special interest in working with diverse populations and/or in rural or under-served areas
  5. American Indian applicants will be given preference at the Iina Counseling Services site.

In addition to the preferences noted above, NM-PIC takes into consideration the potential commitment or interest of any prospective intern to remain in New Mexico following internship and work in behavioral health. Developing a strong behavioral health workforce is an important consideration for the state, and an interest in remaining in New Mexico to join the workforce will be considered a benefit in a potential intern.

Students interested in applying for the internship program for the 2021-2022 training year should submit their AAPI and accompanying materials via email directly to the Program Director, Dr. Pat Rowan, at prowan@hmsnm.org. Applicants apply to as many or as few training sites within NM-PIC as they choose, and should specify the sites they wish to be considered for in a cover letter/email.   Only one complete application is required for consideration to any of the sites in the Consortium.

A complete application consists of the following materials:

  1. A completed AAPI (APPIC’s standard application)
  2. Cover letter stating your preferred training site(s) and why you are interested in those sites specifically.
  3. A current Curriculum Vitae (as part of the AAPI)
  4. Three letters of recommendation, two of which must be from persons who have directly supervised your clinical work (as part of the online AAPI). Please submit no more than three letters.
  5. Official transcripts of all graduate coursework
  6. Supplementary materials:
    1. One full integrated assessment report (please redact appropriately) and
    2. A one-page clinical case conceptualization

For the 2021-2022 training year, the initial application materials deadline is November 15, 2020. If applicants are invited to interview, they will be notified by email on or before December 11, 2020. Interviews will be scheduled January 6, 13, and 20, 2021 via video conference. Phone interviews will be provided in cases where video conference is not an option. Each NM-PIC site conducts separate video conference interviews. For the 2021 – 2022 training year, NM-PIC will continue to accept applications up until June 15, 2021.

Finally, interns will be required to purchase student liability insurance through the APA Trust for the period of the internship training year.

Questions regarding the application or interview process may be directed to either of NM-PIC’s Program Director, Dr. Pat Rowan (prowan@hmsnm.org), or to the program’s WICHE consultant, Dennis Mohatt (dmohatt@wiche.edu).