NM-PIC offers a comprehensive and in-depth curriculum of didactic training, typically as a weekly, two-hour video-conference training. Many topic areas will consist of a two to three part series of didactic trainings to allow for sufficient depth in those areas. Didactic trainings will be delivered by NM-PIC psychologist faculty as well as by other behavioral health professionals who are experts in the topic areas. Didactic topics may include, but aren’t limited to:

  1. Ethical and Legal issues, Ethics and Culture, Ethics and Immigration
  2. Clinical Documentation
  3. Intake Practices- mental status exams, psychosocial histories
  4. Clinical Supervision
  5. Psychological Assessment, including various assessment tools and cultural issues in assessment
  6. Psychoeducational Assessment and Learning Disabilities,
  7. Psychology’s Role in Psychosocial Rehabilitation
  8. Psychopharmacology
  9. Regional Differences in New Mexico Culture, Regional New Mexican Culture in Literature
  10. Immigrants and Culture
  11. Multigenerational Cultural Issues in New Mexico
  12. Navajo Culture and Behavioral Health
  13. Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
  14. Risk Assessment
  15. Treatment of Substance Use Disorders
  16. Neuropsychology
  17. Neuropsychological Assessment
  18. Forensic Assessment
  19. Existentialism and Group Therapy
  20. Suicide Assessment and Prevention