IHS: Northern Navajo Medical Center

James is a doctoral candidate from The College of Professional Psychology at The Chicago School. A former special education teacher, he came to clinical psychology with a background working with students with moderate to severe developmental disabilities. Throughout his doctoral training, James specialized in psychological assessment as well as working with individuals living with trauma and severe/persistent mental illness through integrating interpersonal-relational, existential, family systems, and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) approaches. When he grows up, James aspires to practice street medicine mental health, providing psychological care to people in need outside of the office setting. He is also working to continue his research in modeling intersectionality as well as teach undergraduate psychology. In all realms of his life, James fiercely advocates for equity, justice, and the liberation of minoritized and marginalized groups. He is a Scorpio, vegan, and when not working on his dissertation, loves kayaking and reading historical fiction novels.

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