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Dr. Anita Parada, PhD is a Neuropsychologist licensed in New Mexico and Certified Brain Injury Specialist. She was born and raised in Poland. During her education and career, she lived in several countries in Europe and North America. Yet, she fell in love with New Mexico/green chili, moved here with her family, and has joined the HMS to serve her neighbors.

Dr. Parada obtained her PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) in neuropsychology from the University of Warsaw, a postgraduate degree in psychotherapy from the Jagiellonian University in Cracow and completed postdoctoral training in advanced rehabilitation research on mild traumatic brain injury. Before joining HMS, she had worked for five years as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Rehabilitation Sciences at the University of Texas at El Paso.

During her career, Dr. Parada has worked in academic and
clinical settings, doing research, teaching, performing neuropsychological evaluations, and as a psychotherapist. She has worked with the military, veterans, first responders,
people who experienced violence, and athletes with brain and psychological trauma or brain disorders treating cognitive, emotional and behavioral problems.

Dr. Parada integrates various assessments, therapies, and neurorehabilitation in her approach, including behavioral and non-invasive brain stimulation and strong collaboration with other health providers and the community. She believes every person is a unique compilation of body and spirit, a dynamic result of biology, individual, family, human history, and environmental challenges and opportunities.

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