David Tio is a psychology intern at Hidalgo Medical Services via the New Mexico Psychology Internship Consortium. Currently completing a PhD in Clinical Psychology from St. John’s University in Queens, New York; David is an east coast transplant who is excited to put down roots with his wife and daughter in a sunny beautiful place with little pollution and lots of good vibes.

David’s clinical and research interests have always been centered on advocating for underserved communities. Although David’s education has been focused on working with children, parents, and families; he appreciates a generalist approach to training and seeks to build his repertoire and expand his scope of practice. David has experience in social work as well as psychology, which has served to augment his understanding of the different systems involved in providing support to marginalized communities. David is bilingual and always eager to improve his cultural competencies.

Since the birth of his daughter, who was diagnosed with a genetic condition, David has become increasingly engrossed in the role of metabolism and lifestyle factors in offsetting the risk of developing chronic illness. Having had success in using the tools of psychology to effect daunting changes in the stubborn and self-defeating behaviors of many past patients, David is a firm believer that the field of psychology is well-suited to motivate patients to consider the influence certain lifestyle factors may have on their physical and mental health.

David’s goals involve introducing efficacious programs that target prevention of common health concerns in underprivileged populations and empowering individuals by educating them on how to be critical evaluators of their own health metrics. David also aims to eventually be part of a collective of like-minded healthcare practitioners who subscribe to a holistic perspective on treatment and emphasize the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration. David has a fuzzy canine companion named Señorita Bonita.

Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical Psychology (Child Track) – St. John’s University (anticipated 2024)

Masters of Arts in General Psychology with Clinical Emphasis – New York University

Bachelors of Science in Psychology – Barry University

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